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Writing is my passion, my pleasure, my profession.



Completed Books

I’ve compiled a selection of my books till date. Published copies will start appearing  on this website with the relevant links from the middle of 2025. Thank you for your support and I hope you will enjoy reading them. Till then this website will be inactive though you are welcome to contact me directly on my email address,


Patricia Sinclair, on her way to Kenya in search of the displaced roots of her childhood, is abducted near the port of Mombasa. Daphne, her mother, with estranged husband Peter, rush to Nairobi to negotiate her release.  Patricia, with Peter's help, manages to escape and they flee into the Kenyan Rift Valley, pursued by a mystical person seeking Patricia's life. In her bid to save them,  Daphne acquires the help of Jack Dempsey, a MI6 agent, who comes with his own agenda. Filled with intrigue and deceit, the story reaches a climax on the scenic slopes of Mount Elgon. Central to the story in Misty Dawn, the farm where Patricia and Peter were born.


Professor David Atterbury is a British university lecturer researching a secret manuscript of the middle ages, which he discovered in his deceased father's attic. He is also a secret agent. 
On a mission in East Germany his source turns out to be Ilze, his former lover with whom he lost  contact during WW11 when he was on a special mission in France.  
Back in England he meets  Jeannie, a dark haired woman who is in on his father's secrets. 
Torn between his love for two women, amidst his clandestine activities, past, present and future intertwine as David struggles to make sense of it all.


John Beck, a reputable businessman unable to deal with issues from  his past, and  Angela Wilde, a vibrant model agency executive, strand on a remote island in the Hawaiian archipelago . 
Back in civilization John's battle to adapt, his relationship with Angela and  unresolved  childhood complications,  put pressure on his marriage. When Mary, his wife,  is abducted by a drug cartel  on their coffee farm in Colombia, John and Angela accompany  a Special Opps. team, led by Jan Hansen, an embittered man and former fiance of Angela,  to secure her release.   
During the operation things go horribly wrong, with dire consequences for John, Mary, Angela and Jan.

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