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Writing by the Water

About Me

I started with my first short story while in school. Becoming a journalist was part of my writer's dream. I opted for teaching instead After a rather dreadful spell of teaching I settled in the higher educational sector and only returned to writing in a later stage of my life.  I have completed a course in creative writing, and I'm part of writers' groups and forums on line, including social media groups. Besides writing, or annually visiting my grandchildren in Canada for extended periods, I keep myself busy with reading, hiking, jogging( my days of running are over), working out and swimming. In addition to the three completed manuscripts(see home page), I have  written a few short stories and poems.  I'm actively seeking representation for my works. My published books will appear on this website from the middle of 2025. Till then this site will stay inactive though you are welcome to contact me on my email address. Thank you for your support.

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